Installing a Meta Mask and creating a wallet on the Ethereum network

MetaMask is a Cryptocurrency wallet that is embedded in the Google Chrome browser, and it is needed to simplify the transfer of Ether (Ethereum, Ethereum, ETH) or ERC-20 tokens in the Ethereum network. 

In our case, you will need it to send and receive Glob, since the GlobeWallet wallet works through a Meta Mask.  

MetaMask is a common extension for the Chrome browser. It also works with the Yandex and Mozilla Firefox browsers. 

In this example, we will consider installing Mozilla Firefox in the browser, but we recommend using Chrome to work correctly with the GLOB coin. You can install the browser by following the link:

The address of the smart contract (needed to register the GLOB in the wallet) 


In the browser, click on the link

On the page that opens, click the “Download” button”

Select where you want to install the extension and click ” Install Meta Mask for Firefox”

* If you install it on a different browser, the button may have a different name.

Depending on the browser, the page that opens may look different, but this does not change the next steps. Click on the corresponding button.

In our case, the browser has requested permission to add a Meta Mask. 

Adding it.

Click “Get started”

On this page, we can restore access to an existing extension (if you had it installed earlier) or configure everything from scratch. 

We choose the second option.

On this page, Meta Mask requests certain permissions. 

It doesn’t matter which button you click. As an example, I will click on the “No, thank you” button.

On the next page, you will need to create a password for access. Use large and small Latin letters, numbers and symbols. The password must not contain less than 8 characters. 

If you lose your password, it will be impossible to restore it. However, you can restore the Meta Mask using a secret phrase (more on this later). 

After entering the password and confirming it, check the box and click ” Create”

On the next page, we are offered to watch a short video before getting started. 

On the right we see a warning:

What is a recovery phrase?

Your recovery phrase is the ” master key” to your wallet and funds.

How do I save the recovery phrase?

Save in the Password Manager

Store it in a bank vault.

Keep it in a safe.

Write it down and store it in several secret places.

Should I share my recovery phrase?

Never, ever share your recovery phrase, even with a network mask!

If someone asks for your recovery phrase, they will most likely try to deceive you.”

After reading this information, click ” Next”

You will be taken to the page for creating a secret phrase. Don’t worry, it will be created for you when you click on the dark rectangle. 

Read the information on the page and click. 

You will see 12 words that you need to save in a safe, inaccessible place for others. It is better to store such things on paper in several copies. 

After writing down the words, click “Next”.

On this page, you need to enter your secret phrase in the sequence in which you wrote it down. 

Just click on the words. 

At the end, click ” Confirm”


You did everything right. Read the information and click “Done”.

Your wallet has been created! 

To copy its address, just click at the top, where it says “Account 1”. The wallet is copied to the clipboard. You can save it or send it to someone. 

To work with Glob, you will need to add this token to your wallet so that it is displayed there. 

Click ” Add Token”

Go to the “Custom Token” and enter the address of the Global Reserve System smart contract in the “Token Contract Address” field. Here it is: 


The token symbol (Glob) and the number of decimal places of the token (18) will be substituted automatically. 

Click ” Next”

You will see how the token appeared. 

Click ” Add Token”

Now you can see both ETH and Glob on your wallet

You can always create new wallets in the extension, import those that you have already created before, or connect hardware ones. 

But this is a completely different story…