Global Reserve System-about the project in 12 minutes

Blockchain technology has made it possible to create an alternative economic model based on the principles of asset renewability due to decentralized issuance and fair distribution of funds.

These principles are implemented in the Global Reserve System – the most ambitious project of the end of 2019.

The project’s renewable asset is the Glob cryptocurrency, created on the Ethereum blockchain and mathematically implementing the principles of an alternative economy.

The Glob cryptocurrency is an ERC 20 standard token with a unique Proof of Transaction (Spot) mining protocol. 

Global is intended for use as an alternative means of payment.

The Proof of Transaction decentralized issuance protocol implements an alternative economy where all transaction costs are offset by the blockchain.

None of the parties can suffer losses – financial risks and debt obligations are excluded, and the profitability of any investments made with the guarantee of a smart contract in the Glob cryptocurrency is ensured as well.

Glob is called renewable money that cannot be spent, because when making mutual settlements in Glob, the sender always receives 100% cashback, and the recipient – 100% reward.

Six reasons to learn more about Glob.


No one can find out when and how much you invested or earned. When creating a wallet, there is no need to specify your data.


Each user sees all operations, the total account and the coin rate in real time. A smart contract on the Ethereum network guarantees honesty and transparency.


A smart contract on the Ethereum network guarantees users reliable investment protection. All funds are stored on users ‘ wallets.


All processes are controlled by a “soulless machine” – a smart contract that will fulfill the stated obligations with 100% probability. 

No one can interfere in this process.

The growing rate. 

Thanks to the unique Proof of Transaction issue algorithm, the demand for Glob coins will exceed the supply.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each user has access to general statistics, courses and their own funds.

The Glob token is a utilitarian economic tool for managing the profitability of projects, a financial tool for mutual settlements and for protecting savings.

The Glob token is not intended for use as a speculative asset.

The basis for the issue of the Glob token

The first reason for issuing new Glob coins is a coin transaction between users ‘ wallets, in which 20% of the transaction amount is burned.


When transferring 10 Glob coins, the recipient receives 8 coins. The remaining 2 coins are destroyed or transferred to the charity fund of the system (at the choice of the initiator of the transaction).

When making a PoT, an internal digital asset is created between users ‘ wallets – a transaction. This transaction launches a limited issue of Glob coins for 365 days. The coins are distributed between the wallets of the users participating in the transaction. 

The sender of the coins receives 100% of the amount sent within 365 days. 

The recipient of coins within 365 days receives 80% of the amount sent immediately + 80% of the amount sent within 365 days (total-160%)

Thus, the total volume of the issue of new coins within 365 days is 180%.

In order to avoid premature withdrawal and reinvestment, and in order to prevent excessive emission, which will lead to a decrease in the price of coins on the market, coin mining takes place along an exponential curve. 
The acceleration of emissions occurs twice every 72 days. 
In case of premature withdrawal, mining on the transaction is terminated. The user receives only the part of the coins that the transaction managed to get. The remaining funds will be lost. 
The mined coins appear in real circulation only at the time of their withdrawal. 
Withdrawals are made only by the decision of the party to which they are credited.

The second basis for issuing new Glob coins follows from the first basis. 

The second basis is a Total Mining transaction, in which the sender creates a special transaction that extracts 900% of the transaction amount within 365 days. 

This transaction is equivalent in profitability to a conditionally infinite number of PoT transactions between different wallets of an individual user until the amount is completely exhausted by burning 20% at each transaction.

Let’s analyze this in more detail. 

There is such a thing as Total Mining in the Global Reserve System. This is a special deal, extracting 900% of the transaction amount for 365 days. 

The logic of this transaction is as follows…

We already know that when making a normal transaction and sending 100 Glob from one wallet to another, 80% (80 Glob) reaches the recipient and mining is confused both on the first and on the second wallet. 

It is logical to assume that then you can send 80 Glob received during the first transaction from your second wallet to your third wallet, get 64 Glob and the issue of 80 Glob will be launched on the second wallet and 64 Glob on the third. 

In theory, you can do this indefinitely, sending coins from your one wallet to your other, losing 20% with each transaction, but at the same time launching an issue on two wallets with each transaction. 

In practice, due to the burning of 20% and the commission in the Ethereum network, this becomes unprofitable at some point.

That is why the system implemented a transaction called Total Mining, which in terms of profitability is equal to a conditionally infinite number of PoT transactions between the wallets of an individual user until the amount is completely exhausted due to the withdrawal of 20%. 

This figure is equal to 900%. 

Thus, when you place any amount in Total Mining, you are guaranteed to receive 9 times more coins than were placed within 365 days.

Let’s take this as an example with visualization. 

You have 10 GLOB coins in your wallet
You decide to use the Total Mining function to get a yield of 900% per annum in GLOB coins. 
At this point, your 10 GLOB coins are burned. They are no longer on your wallet, nor in the system as a whole. 
At the same time, you start a limited issue. It is limited by the number of coins, which is 9 times more than it was originally, i.e. 90 GLOB coins, and the issue is limited in time – the smart contract charges these 90 coins within 365 days. 
The emission follows an exponential curve, accelerating twice every 72 days. 
Thus, the main part of the extracted coins will come to your wallet only at the end of the mining period. 

This rule is a protection against premature withdrawals and excessive issuance, which guarantees a dynamic balance of coins in the system, their high liquidity and, as a result, a high market rate.

The user of the Global Reserve System has two types of assets:

The first asset is the GLOB coins themselves, which are located on the user’s wallet. 
The second asset is transactions that produce a limited issue of GLOB coins for 365 days. 

The dynamic balance of these assets in users ‘ wallets stabilizes the total number of coins in circulation and ensures their ultra-high liquidity. 

In other words, due to mining, coins are issued during the year – 180% for a normal transaction and 900% for Total Mining. At the same time, each transaction burns 20% of the coins involved in the transaction. 

These rules create a dynamic balance of assets in the system.

In turn, the liquidity of the coin allows it to be used as an ideal hedge for any fiat investments in the real economy, allowing you to get additional profitability of any level and compensate for any costs by increasing the investment asset.

You can earn income in the Global Reserve System not only from transactions using your own funds, but also from transactions of sponsors of two levels. 

Every user who registers a Glob Wallet wallet on your recommendation becomes your first-level sponsor. And the sponsors of your first-level sponsors become your second-level sponsors. 

You get income from mining by taking part in each transaction of your sponsors of two levels.

The first reason for receiving remuneration under the affiliate program is the transactions of your sponsors of the 1st and 2nd levels. 

For any transactions by your sponsor of the first level to any other wallet registered in the system, you will have mining launched in the amount of 10% of the transaction amount. 


Your first-level sponsor makes a transfer of 10 GLOB coins to any other user. At this moment, you start mining 1 GLOB coin and you will receive it within 365 days. 

For any transactions made by your second-level sponsor to any other GLOBEWALLET wallet, you will also have mining launched in the amount of 10% of the transaction amount.

The second reason for receiving remuneration under the affiliate program is the implementation of the first and second levels of Total Mining by your sponsors

When your sponsor performs the first level of full mining, you will receive 20% of the transaction amount immediately and mining will be launched for 50% of the transaction amount. 


Your first-level sponsor has placed 10 GLOB coins in Total Mining. 

You will immediately be credited 20% of this amount – 2 GLOB coins, plus

You will have mining started for 50% of this amount – for 5 GLOB coins

When your sponsor performs the second level of full mining, you will receive 5% of the transaction amount immediately and mining will be launched for 50% of the transaction amount. 

Thus, you can significantly increase your profit due to the recommendations to use the GLOB coin as a unit of account or as a tool for managing the profitability of projects.

For those who saw the value and opportunity to quickly solve financial problems in this information, there is a special offer. You will receive a bonus in the equivalent of 50 US dollars in the cryptocurrency globus at the first investment. 

Based on the dynamics of the growth of the price of the globus coin for 2020, it can be assumed that the cost of this bonus alone can grow tenfold within a year. 

To receive a gift, follow these simple steps. 

First, install the Google Chrome browser (if you don’t have it yet)
Second – install the Meta Mask browser extension. When installing the extension, you will have a personal wallet created on the Ethereum network. 
Third, contact the person who gave you the initial information.

To fully understand the idea of the Global Reserve System, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the project in more detail by viewing the full presentation.