Using the CATEX Exchange

Registration on the Comex exchange

To register on the COMEX exchange, follow this link 

Enter a valid email address, create and confirm a password, enter a captcha and click “SUBMIT”

A window opens where you need to enter the activation code and click “SUBMIT”.

This code will be sent to your email address specified during registration on the exchange.

If you need to make changes to your profile, go to it. 

There will be an opportunity to change the password and there you will also find your referral link, by registering people on the exchange, you will receive additional income.

We recommend paying special attention to the “SECURITY” section, and enabling additional protection through the Google Auth application.

To do this, click the “BING” button and follow the prompts of the system.

After the application is linked to the account, enable verification for login, trading and withdrawal. 

Not all items can be included at your choice.

Adding funds to an account on the Comex exchange

In order to trade on the exchange, you need to top up your account on it. 

Click on your login, then select the “DEPOSIT” menu and choose the cryptocurrency that you want to bring to the exchange. In the example in the screenshot, this is Ethereum.

The exchange will give you the number of the wallet to which you need to transfer the Ether. 

After the transaction is completed, you will see them on your account.

Purchase of Glob coins on the Comex exchange

To buy GLOB coins on the exchange, you must first top up your account. 

After the account is replenished, and you will see the funds on it in the “DEPOSIT” section, go to the “TRADIND” menu.

In this example, the account was replenished in ETH, so click the appropriate tab on the right, enter “GLOB” in the search field and click on the GLOB/ETH pair that appears.

On the page that opens, you will see information about the GLOB coin rate, how the bidding is going and get the opportunity to buy a coin.

To buy, you will need the “Buy GLOB” section. 

On the right, you can select an order with the minimum price that is currently available on the exchange. Sell orders are highlighted in red. Click on the order you need, and the price will be automatically substituted in the “Price” field. In the “Amount” field, enter the number of GLOB coins that you want to purchase and click the “Buy GLOB” button.

The system will ask you to confirm the purchase action. Do it.

You will find the purchased coins in the”DEPOSIT” section

To withdraw coins from the exchange, go to the “WITHDRAW” section, where you will need to specify where and how many coins you want to send.